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Reasons to love Angel Pio's Housekeeping...

We're different from your typical cleaning company. We're out to support you in creating the healthiest environment. The goal is to WOW you with outstanding Services.

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Post Construction
Post Renovation
Move in - Move out
Deep Cleaning

* Dusting and wiping of reachable

ceiling and walls

* Cleaning of reachable interior and exterior windows. (Dusting of screen windows included).

* Surface cleaning of interior areas within bedroom, living room, dining area, inside kitchen, and bathrooms. 

* Vacuuming, mopping and basic polishing of floors within area of scope.

* Minor excess paint removal

Note: For cleaning of appliances or other items not in the list, please refer to the add ons category for the prices.


Php5,500  50-100sqm 

Php6,000 101sqm - 150sqm

Php6,800 151sqm - 200sqm

Php7,800 201sqm - 250sqm

Php8,800 251sqm - 300sqm


Upholstery / Sofa and Bed / Mattress
Deep Cleaning

* Thorough cleaning using Rainbow Hydro vacuum. Heavy duty machine built to pull out deep-seated dirt within beds and upholstery.

Note we may pull out bedbugs but not guaranteed all will be taken out, you may need to avail of pest control services to ensure including eggs and infestation will be stopped.

*  Shampoo and Spot clean stains. Please note our process of removal of stains may lessen the color of the stain but not necessarily take out all especially old or hard stains.

* Another round of vacuum to extract shampoo and dirt from the fabric.

* Steam cleaning to disinfect. This may kill germs or bacteria and dust mites and may lessen smell. 5. Use of blowers to shorten the drying time.

Special Promo for Regular Clients

Avail any of our services following our minimum worth of service per area. Our most valued clients get a special gift. 

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