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Lessons Learned from this Pandemic from a Business Owner's Perspective.

March 16, 2020 when we had to temporarily close our newly established business due to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). The first thing that came to our mind back then was how will our housekeeping partners earn during this time to provide for their families.

Our financial assistance might not be enough and we were unsure on when government subsidies will arrive. But we are thankful that the team was able to get by and continue to overcome. Some of the learnings or realizations were:

1. We should acknowledge also the other heroes. We have nothing but gratefulness for all the frontliners. However from our view, we can't help but appreciate also those who are at no work no pay. Those who struggled to stay at home without assurance on when or where they will get the money to provide for their family. Those who despite of, patiently and obediently followed the rules to help ensure we flatten the curve. You can't help but admire the creativity, resilience and true optimism of these other heroes to survive this pandemic. While waiting, we learned to convert our service towards the need of the hour.

Tip: Find even simple ways to safely provide for the need for essentials and you'll be surprised of the opportunities available.

2. At the end of the day, your true partners are the Help that came. While all are in need during this time and not all are able to give and receive. You are unsure on who you can really depend on. but help came. Thanks to all those who willingly shared and provided help including the government agencies for the monetary help received by our housekeeping partners.

Tip: Prayers and Persistence is the key.

3. The how to become the best version of self during these trying times. Uncertainties make us focus on ourselves or our families before others. Today your best version will depend on how much positivity or optimism you have despite the current situation. Acknowledging those who choose to provide hope, joy, love and care for others amidst uncertainties.

Tip: Focus first on your wellbeing and start to give even just one small kindness at a time.

As we continue with the uncertainty of this pandemic, what keeps us moving forward is not how much business fund we still have but on the need to fulfill our advocacy. Looking forward to thriving in the New Normal together with our partners.

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